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At Bloffin General Merchant, we provide you with a sustainable energy to power your generating set.
We assign a truck to a customer, always eager to satisfy your power needs.
We operate a mega storage system to ensure continuity of supply to our customers at all times.
No matter the nature, make or brand of your generators, we have just the right fuel for it.
Our reservoirs are fully stocked. No matter the location of your business, we will bring it to you on demand.
We are a major player in the Oil & Gas industry, lifting from credible and dependable sources only.

** We are a well renowned oil and gas company which provides the best quality standard in the downstream sector of the petroleum industry and the best quality services which empowers, enhances and improves condition for sustaining life for the generality of the growing economy. **


BLOFFIN GENERAL MERCHANT is an indigenous company commited to providing quality AGO(Diesel) supply services, quality assurance and quality control. Our key personnel have been in the oil and gas and other sectors in the last years. We have this as one of the many track records for providing quality service to our clients. This commitment to quality is based on our belief that quality shall not be compromised in the drive to provide satisfactory and economically sensible services to our numerous clients.

We have professionals with the specialist knowledge in the Oil and Gas, inspection and certification whose endorsement of our jobs and certificate guarantee international acceptability.

BLOFFIN GENERAL MERCHANT has competent staff to undertake AGO(Diesel) and other petroleum products procurement. Our clients include Government, Telecomms, bottling companies, breweries, construction firms and all industrial and commercial processes that have need for quantity and quality evaluation.

We handle all forms of Import/Export procurements, advice and services. Our numerous years of experience in our line of business gives us the edge over our competitors.

At BLOFFIN GENERAL MERCHANT, we treasure our Clients like the 'Diamond' and they ultimately call the shots.

Personnel Training Programme


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